EVLOMO make it easy to provide affordable, reliable, and accessible charging for employees. Right from site assessments, site design and engineering, network management software, and ongoing support and maintenance, EVLOMO works with businesses of all sizes to implement workplace charging programs that suits customers requirements

Increase worker loyalty and satisfaction

Demonstrate corporate environmental leadership and innovation

Demonstrate sustainability initiatives

Get LEED certification points

Attract and retain employees that drive EVs

Create additional revenue stream

EVLOMO offerings:

  • End-to-end customer support from system design to EV charging deployment and maintenance
  • EVLOMO Software solutions allows for full controlling, monitoring of EV station across different locations and reporting of usage data.
  • Wide range of EVLOMO Charging hardware
  • Manage EV charging stations centrally via EVLOMO network
  • EVLOMO Software solutions allows for full controlling, monitoring and reporting of EV usage.
  • 24/7 EVLOMO customer support to EV drivers and station hosts
  • Ability to scale the network to meet increasing EV charging demand