As hubs for innovation and progressive thinking, universities are responsible to lead environmental values and clean transportation. With the number of EVs growing, universities are uniquely positioned to lead the rising wave of clean transportation and provide a valuable amenity and improving campus sustainability.
Having EVLOMO EV charging stations available at strategic locations across campus reinforces university’s commitment to the environment and sustainability.
Normally the visit to a university is typically several hours, which is apt for length for charging an EV Universities can tap into the shift towards electric vehicles as a launchpad for further research into sustainability and clean transportation options.

Enhance the visual appeal of campus with charging stations

Attract leading researchers in sustainability and upcoming technology

Provide amenity for faculty, students, and visitors who drive EVs

Spur research into clean transportation and sustainability

Establishing the university as a hub for innovation and sustainability

Create additional revenue stream


  • End-to-end customer support from system design to EV charging deployment and maintenance
  • EVLOMO Software solutions allows for full controlling, monitoring of EV station across different locations and reporting of usage data.
  • Wide range of EVLOMO Charging hardware
  • Manage EV charging stations centrally via EVLOMO network
  • EVLOMO Software solutions allows for full controlling, monitoring and reporting of EV usage.
  • 24/7 EVLOMO customer support to EV drivers and station hosts
  • Ability to scale the network to meet increasing EV charging demand