Battery swap station

Fast and Flexible
Fast and Flexible
Fast and Flexible
Introducing swap station

Infinite range starts with a swap station

Enjoy worry-free battery service swap after swap. EVLOMO Battery swap station gives you easy access to fresh, ready-to-swap, smart batteries as you go.

EVLOMO Battery Swapping stations
enable EV drivers to swap battery
on the go seamlessly

  • Fire and flood protection
  • Overcurrent and Short circuit protection.
  • Connect to the entire EVLOMO Network in real time.
  • Search fresh batteries near you.
  • Check riding plans.
  • Cash-free billing.
  • Riding statistics.
  • Network updates.

EVLOMO Swapping Station is an automated unit that
houses 12 batteries (customizable) and keeps them
charged and ready for use.

  • Eliminates waiting time for charging the battery
    or searching a charging point outdoors.
  • Dual language support on touch screen display
  • can be independently located or attached to a
    retail location.
  • 24*7 swapping service.
  • Every swap takes fewer than 1-2 minutes.
    • Compact
    • User-friendly
    • Highly accessible
Fast and Flexible Fire protection
Fast and Flexible Connected
Fast and Flexible GPS
Fast and Flexible Around the clock monitoring

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Vehicle
Charging with EVLOMO

Yes, the batteries can be swapped at any of our EVLOMO battery swapping stations, available across Thailand. The EVLOMO app will show you the nearest location and navigate you there.