Our Story

Who we are

EVLOMO was founded with a vision to electrify the entire transport sector, with clean energy from the sun, wind and sea and make fossil fuel a thing of the past.

Our company innovative business models coupled with latest technology will drive the transition to electric mobility

Our mission
EVLOMO   mission is to build a world around sustainable technologies.

What drives us
EVLOMO is rolling out Thailand’s largest and fastest growing EV charging network.
Electric vehicles are the future, but the lack of charging infrastructure has held us back – until now. Using innovative technology, we’re creating a easily accessible, simple and affordable charging network because simpler charging means more EVs on the road. This will fuel transition to electric mobility whilst proudly paving the way to a a greener and cleaner future.


EVLOMO has adopted best corporate governance practices. Click here to know more.

We design, develop, commercially advance and deploy clean energy technologies for households, industries and businesses.to move the world forward. Click here to know more.

We are setting up 8 GWH lithium battery plant in Thailand and The plant will have world class safety standards and will support the growing demand of energy storage and electric mobility. Click here to know more.