Property Perfect collaborates with
partners EVLOMO and SCG Entering the
clean energy business

Property Perfect collaborates with partners EVLOMO and SCG Entering the clean energy business

Mar 31 2022, 10:20 AM


Property Perfect enters clean energy business, collaborates with “SCG Roofing” and “EVLOMO” to enter solar rooftop and electric vehicle home box charger business, starting from the installation of Independent houses in the project with plans to expand to those interested in both the project and neighboring communities, with "Siam Commercial Bank" cooperating to offer special financial offers and collaboration with "Nong Nooch Tropical Garden" to enhance the garden design Bringing the concept of a world-class garden to decorate the garden in the project and in the house


“Property Perfect has entered into a business alliance with SCG Roofing Company Limited to penetrate the solar rooftop market, install a solar power generation system on the roof and cooperate with EVLOMO Technologies Co., Ltd. to install electric vehicle chargers in the home. Starting from the installation of a new independent house in high-end projects, the brand "Perfect Masterpiece and Lake Legend" and aim to extend it to general customers covering the whole house project of Property Perfect, including nearby communities and businesses in the group of companies, including hotels, community malls. It aims to be a clean energy community together at the same time, also received cooperation from Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited in giving a special financial offer to those who are interested in installing the above-mentioned services within a period of 5 years, a target has been set up for installation set up 30,000 solar rooftops and 50,000 units for electric vehicle home box chargers in the home. This will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1 million tons CO2.”


Mr. Wongsakorn Prasitwiphat Managing Director of Property Perfect Public Company Limited revealed that the use of clean energy has a strong growth, both from the demand of consumers who are more interested in using clean energy and from the various departments has a policy to promote and support.  Therefore, property perfect plans to expand into clean energy related businesses such as “Solar installation Rooftops and home electric vehicle chargers” to support the needs of customers and the important thing is Participation in driving clean energy use Raise living standards to be an energy-saving community and a sustainable environment


For Collaboration from SCG Roofing, Mr. Thongchai Sophon, Head of Housing Products Business, SCG Roofing Company Limited, revealed that the overview of renewable energy use especially the production of electricity from the sun There is a lot of potential for growth. Important factors besides contributing to environmentally friendly energy consumption It is also worth saving up to 60% on electricity bills. This current solar panel prices have dropped to a point where they are worth the investment. This allows the household sector to install a solar roof system and is cost-effective too.


Ms. Nicole Wu, group CEO of EVLOMO Technologies Co., Ltd., a leading electric vehicle charging stations company from the United States, revealed that this collaboration in addition to Property Perfect's home electric vehicle charger installation, Property Perfect will also jointly market its expansion into the home electric vehicle charger installation business. to create a new customer base in general with more than 80% of electric vehicle users charging at their homes, EVLOMO is now available with the EVLOMO ELO Series smart chargers, which features dust and water protection IP65 rating and is safe to use, it can connect to 4G and Wi-Fi for remote charging and supports both Thai and English in the display on the screen. At the same time, EVLOMO will also raise the standard of charging speed, which is essential for the use of electric vehicles in Thailand and build a nationwide electric vehicle charging station network for comfort in both the home and community.