EVLOMO makes it seamless to install smart EV charging stations in apartments or condo. EVLOMO provide the smart charging stations, the network and reporting and metering. EVLOMO even manage driver sign-ups and billing and then remit station revenue share to the station owner.

Attract and retain tenants that drive EVs

Enhance brand image

Achieve sustainability goals

Increase property value

Increase revenues

Aid in LEED certification

EVLOMO’s offerings:

  • End-to-end customer support from system design to EV charging deployment and maintenance
  • Dynamic online charging management tools for setting up pricing and monitoring usage
  • Wide range of EVLOMO Charging hardware to find the best-fit solution for project
  • 24/7 EVLOMO customer support to EV drivers and station hosts
  • Help in tracking electricity usage and carbon offset
  • Manage EV charging stations centrally via EVLOMO network